Ferrari California T

Form and innovation unite to inspire the arrival of the Ferrari California T, a Grand Tourer that embodies every element of Ferrari DNA. Since its inception, the California lineage has inspired generations worldwide.

This influence has prompted Ferrari to explore the essence of the California T; to highlight its form as not just aesthetics but as design and innovation that drives performance.

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Lord Charles March is the star of a fun video showing his vast estate in Goodwood, the location of the famous Festival of Speed. A California T Handling Speciale is seen in action, serving him a full throttle breakfast.


The twists and turns of a mountain road, sharp changes in gradient and direction, breathtaking views all round. And, of course, the California T sporting the new Handling Speciale Package with blistering new calibrations and settings to brilliantly underscore the car’s sporty soul.


The California T’s front styling is inspired by the famous pontoon-fender 250 Testa Rossa. Dynamically hugging the front wheel, the sinuous line of the flank stretches right back to behind the compact, muscular rear wheel arch. All of this lends an air of aerodynamic dynamism to the car, resulting in a powerful yet never overly aggressive sculptural elegance.


The headlights are very innovative with the classic oval styling now replaced by a sleeker wedge shape. These are multifunctional lights with the same LEDs lighting in different colours depending on the setting chosen. Ferrari’s classic round tail lights frame the trailing edge of the boot which acts as a spoiler. The stylized fins inside the tail light housing are a direct design cue from the exhaust tips of classic racing GTs like the 250 GTO.


The California T has the classic mid-front-engined Ferrari GT single, full-width radiator grille which exudes both sportiness and power. It is flanked by two side intakes which not only add a harmony to the design, but also perform the vital function of incorporating the intercoolers for the new V8 turbo 560 hp engine.


The tail features horizontal styling elements that give it a powerfully sporty stance, from the side air vents to the triple-fence diffuser and tailpipes. The resulting look makes the car appear lower on the road, underscoring the powerful muscularity of the rear.

Form united with function — this ethos is present in all Ferrari design. Each curve and line on a Ferrari is honed by a sense of discipline and purpose. The result? Aerodynamic efficiency. Born from design by Maranello.

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Exploring the many personalities of the California T

With its elegance and versatility, the California T is the perfect canvass for Ferrari’s Tailor Made program. California T is a Ferrari that can  truly express a myriad of styles . You can infuse your California T with the racing spirit of a F1 car or take inspiration from the graceful  class of a yacht.  A California T can be styled with materials and colours that recall classic Ferraris or with cues taken from the catwalk.  The possibilities are endless!


Let the sound sensations envelope you

Every Ferrari has a unique “sound personality” and naturally this is also true of the California T. We invite you to put on a pair of headphones and allow yourself to be surrounded by the crescendos, harmonies and riffs of this turbo charged V-8 engine. Let yourself be transported straight into the cockpit and behind the wheel of the California T thanks to this special binaural engine recording created using two microphones. Enjoy!


Shown here against the scenic backdrop of Toya, Hokkaido in Japan, the California T's elegant and sophisticated design suits the grand scenery well, while its versatility enables the driver to experience the sublime landscape to infinity.


It has to be one of the world’s greatest drives: heading up Pacific Coast Highway (also known as Route 1) along Northern California’s rugged coastline from Big Sur through Carmel, direction San Francisco.  No location better captures the spirit of the California T, and driving this legendary stretch of road in this Ferrari GT transforms the experience from the extraordinary to the sublime.


With Spring in the air, we’re in the mood for color. It’s the perfect time to inject a splash of color into your home, wardrobe, or, even your Ferrari California T. According to Brian Boyé, Executive Fashion Director, Men's Health, "Spring/Summer colors are about loosening up and having fun. More bright blues and yellows, less black and brown. Even men can show their playful side with the shades of the season." To inspire you for your Spring/Summer look, here is a short animated video featuring our fashion-forward California T.


Spring – it’s the season of rebirth and awakening.  Nature puts on a gorgeous spectacle of budding trees and blossoming flowers. Japan’s cherry blossoms are world famous for their poetic beauty.  Join us on board a Tailor Made California T on a stunning drive through the cherry blossom-covered roads of Iwate Prefecture in North-East Japan. The California T’s distinctive denim interior looks especially elegant juxtaposed with the soft pink hues of the cherry blossoms. 



From the slopes of Mount Etna to the Liwa desert, the thoroughfares of Rome and Paris to the unforgettable streets of San Francisco. Enjoy a whirlwind round the world tour at the wheel of the Ferrari California T, the 8-cylinder so versatile it’s the perfect choice anywhere, anytime. 


The unmistakable beauty of Liguria where spectacular roads that hug both sea and mountain at once. The perfect kind of driving challenge for the California T, a car that exudes the unparalleled elegance and sophistication that only a timeless tradition can deliver. 


Cremona, the birthplace of Stradivari, remains the home of violin-making to the extent that it holds a position on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Making it the ideal place to reveal how the sound a Ferrari develops from its beginnings in Maranello’s semi-anechoic chamber to what you hear on the streets. And all from behind the wheel of a California T, of course!


There is an unseen relationship between an artist, a subject and the canvas. This unspoken alliance and understanding of the subject can only be brought to light when revealed in its proper context. Is the California T the subject, the canvas or the artist? Fabian explores this relationship on a unique stage.

The Ferrari California T is the result of Ferrari's approach to initiate innovation on every aspect of its automobiles. This drive to constantly reinvent the status quo paves the way ahead. Innovation is evolution. Innovation is the California T.

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He is one of the world’s most famous chefs and whether it is in the kitchen or on television, he always delivers an extraordinary emotional impact. Ramsay has also been a passionate Ferrari enthusiast since the age of six. Because innovation, versatility and vision, the ability to see what others cannot are traits inherent to both his art and the Prancing Horse.

Robert Herjavec

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