Ferrari California T


Before I drove the California T, I really doubted whether this turbocharged Ferrari could actually improve efficiency yet still retain the Prancing Horse DNA, but it looks like Ferrari really has succeeded.

You expect sharp handling from a Ferrari but I was amazed the car has the same instant responsiveness as a naturally-aspirated engine.

I can’t think of a rival for the California T at the same level. I especially enjoyed the surprisingly comfortable ride and the car’s outstanding versatility.

When I drive other Ferraris, I have to concentrate on the driving itself which I also enjoy, but the California T made me feel exceptionally comfortable and relaxed. Although I was out for a long time, I didn’t feel at all tired and wanted to keep driving. Also, the spacious boot can take golf bags so you can arrive at the course in style.

The lower body seems to hint at stability and powerful performance but will also really make passers-by do a double-take.
The car is as elegant and divinely beautiful as the previous California models and I especially love the charismatic front line.

Jeong-hoon Yeon is a leading Korean actor who is also well known because of his family background: his father is actor Gyu-jin Yeon and his wife, Ga-in Han, is one of the top actresses in Korea. A passionate motorsport and car aficionado, Jeong-hoon Yeon has been competing in the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific since 2012. He won the Coppa Shell Class in the Ferrari Challenge round at Inje, Korea, in 2014. This year, Yeon moved up to the Pirelli AM Class and quickly clocked up a 2nd place finish in the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Series round at Shanghai.