Ferrari California T


The phrases that sprang to mind about Ferraris before I actually drove one were “fast sports car”, “difficult to drive” and “sharp”

But these preconceptions were instantly reversed when I got behind the wheel of the
California T. My first impression was: “Why do I feel so safe?

“This is so much easier to drive than I thought!” Then, as time went on, the car began to feel easier and easier to drive. One reason might be that I simply got used to the width, steering and the feel of the pedal. But I also realised the whole driving experience itself was amazing.

But I think what makes the California T so easy to drive is that the driver doesn’t have to make any unnecessary movements, thanks to the position and design of the displays, the location of the switches, the steering wheel, the solidity of the seats and the design, etc. I could really feel the car taking care of me as I drove. It was as if that it was trying to cause me, the driver, as little stress as possible.

I believe that Ferrari as a company and the California T itself exude a sense of warmth and that makes you feel safe when you’re behind the wheel.
When I was driving the California T, I felt the car was “accepting” me and I suppose everyone that drives it will get the same feeling. That really makes me want to drive a Ferrari!

Actor Koji Tamura is a member of a highly-respected Japanese acting dynasty: he is the eldest son of Ryo Tamura and the nephew of Masakazu Tamura. However, before turning his hand to the family business, he had a successful career in Sports Management. In fact, many of the Japanese athletes taking part in the Salt Lake Olympics and the FIFA World Cup were his clients. His current acting work spans stage, screen, TV drama, TV commercials and radio.