Ferrari California T


It is a user-friendly car - very comfortable to drive but at the same time, the signature typical Ferrari engine sound thrilled my heart.

I had driven a lot of imported cars in my life, but never a Ferrari. Initially, I was apprehensive about driving a Ferrari for the first time. However, this experience eased my mind right away. The California T is definitely a Ferrari for everyday use.

You can drive the California T in a relaxed and comfortable way, but once you hit the accelerator pedal, you really get a totally different experience of its performance. And that is very seductive.

The beautifully tailored interior is another factor. Te luxurious leather, the colouring and the the stitching are all amazing. Like the clothes I like to wear, great tailoring is part of Ferrari, which is the ultimate Italian brand.

The styling is beautiful too. The rounded design is glamourous and attractive with very feminine curves. I'd love to take the California T home!

As my hobby is golfing, packing my golf kit and driving to the golf course with this Ferrari will definitely be fun.

Yo Shitara is CEO of the Beams Group. Beams select stores sell imported and original-label men’s, women’s, children’s and maternity wear. The company was founded by Mr. Shitara with the aim of changing Japanese youth culture and customs.

Drawing on his own personal style and taste, he set a precedent for select shops and collaboration projects on the fashion scene in Japan.